somedays, i got nothin'

the only thing you own are your words

30 July
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new orleans is my spouse, new york my lover, london my beloved. the public journal is listed... this one is for me to spill out. it's also where i locate all my flash fiction, which is public, and usually published. i can't be bothered with bullshit. don't waste my precious time. i answer rhetorical questions, i travel long paths to get to an answer, i obsess over topics that interest me.

i love puns, but, do not understand how they are created. i can read, listen to music and keep both the beat and the back beat at the same time. it can be annoying to be around. i read magazines back to front, and usually 3 books a week.

i've learned people lie. i'm not sure why they do.

oft hurt, i still believe in love. the words... promise, honest and trust... are sacred to me. that home is a person, not a thing...and, if you're lucky, you find your way there.